07 January, 2007

booley back home

Its the 7th January, and today I am starting a new life. Nope, not as a superhero but today I am starting to put a little bit more organistation into my day.

Yesterday, I went back to my old house which I shared with Zena and I collected Booley, my beautiful grey 11 year old moggy.. Shes wonderful! I asked Zena to look after her over the New Year and also whilst I was settling into my new house and getting stuff put together in my new room at my new place. Now I am in, then its time for Booley to come over. She was actually not enjoying the old house, as Zenas new housemate has bought her 1 1/2 year old male cat, which is very hectic. Booley was hiding in Zenas bedroom all day.

I helped them bring a wardrobe upstairs, and then Zee said goodbye to Booley, and she cried. I understand, and I have told Zena that she can see her again, so not to worry.

Anyway I am starting Photo365 today over on my Vox blog. All my pictures are going to be put up there and also on my Flickr page. I am going to take a decent photo everyday, and also take a picture of me in the same place. Go on over there right now and check out the first attempts!

Guess who its a picture of??


  1. I miss my little Booley (and I hate cats)

  2. I know you miss her Dad, but you can tell Mom that she is loving the faux leopard skin cat basket! :)