03 January, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Welcome to a New Year and new starts.. I just want to want to let you all know I had a great New Year weekend, and spent it with friends from Uni and Reading on a Canal Boat. 48hours of boozing and generally cruising up the Kennet and Avon Canal in Berkshire!

I didn't feel particularly great on Monday, with a total lack of energy and complete loss of communication skills, but I feel a helluva lot better now!

So Resolutions?? Any planned? I do.. but then I do every year. Last years were similar to what I wanted for my life after thirty, and this years are extensions onto these as well.

So my thirtieth Birthday Resolutions were:

  1. No More Smoking! - I have given up now since the day I got on my flights over here.. A couple of days I have really wanted a cigarette but I have kept up to it!!

  2. Get Fit & Stay Fit - With a season ahead of me, I should lose this belly of mine, but I also need to get fit & stay fit.. sit ups.. press ups.. swimming..

  3. Manage my cash - Those of you who know me well, know that I am terrible with my dollars.. from now on I will manage it so much better!

  4. Keep a life journal - While I am away I am keeping a journal of my travels as well as this blog… I intend to keep this going..

And my 2006 Resolutions were ... exactly the same! So what am I going to do this year?

  1. No More Smoking.. - I restarted smoking in November, as me and Zena were having troubles. But as its a New Year, and me and Zena have broken up now then I am stoppng again. My last cigarette was on the boat back, two puffs and I threw it away!

  2. Get Fit & Stay Fit! - This is alwasy going to be a resolution for me. When friends call my JaidaFiveBellys its embarrassing. I am now living just three miles from work now, so there are no excuses not to run in. Plus I want to do this half-marathon in March in under two hours...

  3. Manage my Cash & Life Better - So I have added extra to this. My cash is sooo much better managed now (thanks to Zena). Its simply a matter of having two accounts. One to get paid into, pay all the bills and it also pays into a spending account. So I am going to save more money, but the most important is to manage my life better. Looking at GTD (Getting Things Done) and its something I want to have in my life, so I aim on starting this month and putting my progress into this blog!

  4. Keep a life Journal and Photo365 - I am going to keep my blog running, I really enjoy writing to it! More people than just Friends and Family read it now, and I want to put more interesting things in as well! It will never be about work, apart from a general sense! I am also going to start Photo365 (linked to my vox blog  and my flickr page) which will be a photograph taken every day, also I am going to take one of myself, to see what a year does to me!!

So a few new things.. Photo365 and Manage my Life Better should make 2007 a much better year!

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