13 January, 2007


As you may or may not know I am interested in Security, especially online and to do with your identity. I believe when you are online you have a right to privacy, but also you have the right to know that those who you are communicating with are who they say they are...

Its both a complicated situation, made worse by proprietary systems, and holes in systems. When online, I don't want anyone knowing who I am; but if I do want that then I want that site to have a guaranteed belief, and that they trust me (based on my past behaviour).

Thats why I have signed up for OpenID ... Read here to see how it works. The gist of it
is that I log myself and my website to an OpenID server, and through authentication it proves thats me. I then use my openID to sign comments and then they know who its from!

Anyway now to get OpenID set up on my blog, so that trusted users can also leave comments. For the record my openID is jezarnold.myopenid.com

ClaimID allows me to claim sites that I have written, or are written about me. It also allows me to deny when I have not written a site, or this a different jezarnold. http://claimid.com/jezarnold
These sites are a start.. but there is something else that is holding me back from a thorough online presence.. email. I still can't believe that today, with email 20 years old, that an email I send is not 100% certain of reaching the addressed person. Also if I receive an email, I also want to be 100% guaranteed that it is off who I think it is.  Why do I want this? Well, I want ALL my bills/banking/correspondance done online, but I still do not have 100% trust in those sites. When it is.. well, I need to believe it can secure my data.


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