16 January, 2007

Welcome connected internet readers

A big welcome to all readers who are coming here from Connected Internet!

I first discovered Connected Internet back when I was travelling in Australia, as I was searching for ways to get extra features in gmail.. Connected Internet were linked to and I had been browsing the site whilst in my IT Support job in Sydney. I let Everton know that you could turn on features in gmail by changing your settings to English US, away from English UK.. He wrote a post, thanking me and I have been a loyal reader since!

Its good to see a site that looks at whats happening to the internet worldwide, but tries and focuses on how it affects the UK

As Everton said, I always seem to be at his site.. Well, I use Google Reader to keep track on whats happening out there, and I let Everton let me know of things that I am not looking at! He always seems to get the info pretty quick.. Me thinks that Everton is yet another info junkie (is there any blogger that isn't?)


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