30 March, 2008


So I am starting a new blog.. t’InterWebs

Currently hosted over at blogger.com It’s going to be all about the t’InterWebs (aka The World Wide Web) and how it can help you out.. it’s going to have a little reporting, some facts, some how to’s and some tips and tricks. I want to help people set themselves up online and how to go about promoting the best brand in the world … YOU!

I’m still going to keep this site up and running, but this is going to be personal only. Anyway go and check it out, and let me know what you think!

29 March, 2008

Sicily, Italy for a week in May ‘08

So its payday, and so that I guarantee going on holiday I decided to book me and Beckys flights today..  We had already both taken the week off and had talked about going somewhere nice and hot, but also a little historical.

I had read in a magazine (which I can’t find anymore..) that Sicily was a great place to go backpacking. So I decided to do a little research. Flights with Easyjet to Palermo or Catania ?? Not when we want to go, so you have to look with the other lowcost airline .. RyanAir.

Yes, I already know its going to be a Nightmare Flight and I have heard far too many stories about them. Sometimes though I am a sucker for punishment, and also the flights were dirt cheap! £15 there and £30 return, for a total of £170 (including taxes). Now I don’t know if you knew this, but RyanAir have started charging if you want to put bags in the hold. So we are both going to have a week away with a bag each that is no bigger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, and weighing no more than 10kg.. going to be our little challenge! I am using OneBag for some hints and tips!
So has anyone been to Sicily before? Any recommendations? Will keep you updated with our plans…

26 March, 2008

Now its nearly April 08!

So my last blog post was 60 days ago, and anyone that used to subscribe to this blog has now long disappeared. After all according to www.google.com/reader I have 1 subscriber… that’s right ONE!

OK. Its my fault. This blog was used as my travel blog. I found that I didn’t have anything to add when I got back. I work for [INSERT LARGEST IT VENDOR IN WORLD HERE]] in the Networking department, and I am now one of the Technical Consultants. I just do not want to blog about my day job. This is a personal blog.

I have also found that if anyone I know wants to keep in contact with me, they have my phone number. My email address. Or I know them on Facebook. There are still a few of my friends that are technological Luddites, and I am never going to get them to Facebook, let alone leave comments here!

Added a new comments feature Disqus and also linked that to my FriendFeed

Anyway, I want to start getting things added here. So watch out!