30 June, 2008

No more HP2133.. its going to be the Asus Eee PC 901!

Back in April when I heard that HP were going to release a new laptop.. called the HP2133 .. I put it straight to the top of my wish list. After all, I need my OWN laptop (I don't like using works to do my personal stuff) and It looks beautiful, with what looks like a full aluminium case and also a full size keyboard. Its only available to buy from Research Machines in the UK right now, and its priced from £385

Not a problem I thought.. after all the spec is either Linux (SUSE 10.3) or Windows (vista or XP) with a large 120Gb HDD, and either a 3cell or 6cell battery. The problem?? I have read that it gets hot... damn hot! If its meant to be a nice portable laptop then it needs to be running cool.. after all it will be sitting on my lap half the time..

So I needed to review the other models out there. Using both Wikipedia, and my favourite review website - Trusted Reviews - I have checked out these reviews:

Coming soon is also the Dell E and the Acer Inspire One .. but neither of these brands have ever ticked the box with me!

So it looks to me that my next purchase is going to be a Asus Eee PC 901, probably the linux edition. Its running with the new intel Atom processor, which makes it run quieter and cooler, and also dramatically improves the battery life (approx 4.5 hrs). It also has draft-N wireless built in. Some previous features that are quite clever are the Multi-touch pad, and the custom Linux Xandros OS.

With a guideprice of £319 and available from the 1st July 2008, it looks the perfect netbook.

Just want to finish with the verdict that Trusted Review gave:
"Brimming with features and with a new CPU and better battery, the Eee PC 901 personifies exactly the spirit in which the original was created. It may be a bit more expensive than the original and lack a more comfortable keyboard, but for a balance of features, size, usability and value, the 901 has once again set the standard. For the moment, at least, the (new) original is still the best"


  1. I just bought an eee pc myself... Unfortunately, the screen has a full line of dead pixels and ASUS Canada will not even exchange it for another one. This defect was present when I first powered it up.

    I've been jumping through countless hoops for the lat few days, trying to get an RMA. My online seller (cendirect.ca) has been doing the same on his side... And I will end up getting a credit for it, but not an exchange.

    I just hope you get a working example when you get it, otherwise, good luck with their service...

    In french, as spoken here in Quebec, ASUS means: "À Suce"... which translates to "She SUCKS!" This very well describes their customer service...

  2. I have a 2133, true it gets a lil hot, but big deal, at least you can type on it for prolonged periods of time without getting RSI (enter Eee PC stage left), and use it to store movies / music / anything.

    for Eeee pc's only very small handed people or children can realistically use the keyboard for any amount of time of with any speed / accuracy.

    2133 This is a perfect lil home laptop for casual web browsing / MS office, torrent downloads, itunes etc.. and non- CPU intensive activities, start up time is poor (big deal), gets a little hot (big deal) but other than that great !


  3. The eee 900 series would be great if only they had better resolution. 600 vertical pixels is pretty unbearable in my experience. After subtracting the taskbar, menubar and toolbars you're lucky to fit a couple of paragraphs into a browser's readable space. Unlike the editor, my next purchase will be the hp 2133.

  4. Thanks for this! I’ve been looking all over the internet for this.