22 July, 2008

EeePC 901 - Linux or Windows? *MUST* sync with my phone..

Anyway, I am still contemplating buying myself my own laptop instead of using works all the time... In the next few weeks, I will be getting myself one of two laptops:

What's the difference you may ask?? Well they are both £300 from LaptopsDirect, and come in two different colours - white and black. However, apart from them running different Operating Systems, the Windows XP version only comes with 8Gb of SSD storage space, while the Xandros version comes with 16Gb. Each comes with a 4Gb SSD to store the Operating System on. As such I am going to need some decent online storage..

I'm also getting a little fed up with Windows, and want to try a different OS. I think Linux is one to learn today..

However, my problem is the syncing of a phone. Currently I am using a Nokia e51 phone. This runs Symbian S60 v3 , and is one of the most popular phones in the world. However, can I find out if it will be able to sync with the linux laptop?? nope.. not anywhere. The ever popular EeeUser Forums doesn't have a clear answer, nor does going through 30 pages of google results for "sync linux s60" solicit the easiest answers.

Nokia makes a bloody linux tablet, but can't seem to be bothered to create a Linux Nokia  dataSuite.

Due to this 'slight' problem, it looks like I am going to have to buy the Windows version.. Does anyone have any ideas????


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  2. I don't know about sync software for Linux but, I would recommend some kind of virtualization for the Nokia PC Suite. Since it is a great all-in-one sync tool, and virtualization software is very advanced nowadays (now you can share your Internet Connection, your USB ports, I'm not sure about Bluetooth). I'd say: Go for the Linux Version! You'll get a longer battery time, too! Get Ubuntu and install Virtual Box. Good luck!

  3. Hi There!

    Your definately looking at the wrong places for your answers. Your problem is not can the eepc handle this but is there a synchronation programm for linux supporting ur phone? There for the answer is obviously not in the eepc forums ;)
    I suggest looking at the Linux forum, But I'm pretty sure there is a programm for Linux too supporting Sync with ur phone. I'm gonna get me a Linux Version too cause its just better, safer and easier. And after all we all know XP by now already time for something new indeed.

    Greetings Chibi

  4. You should definitely go for the linux version because I am absolutely sure that there is a way to sync your phone with linux. And if that doesn't work you can always use wine to install Nokia PC Suite (not 100% sure that it will work).

  5. You could try the multiSync / KitchenSync software for Linux, which is a module type system for syncing with inputs (i.e. phones over bluetoth, IR, USB etc) and a filesystem or PIM. It's a bit of a concentration to get it together but it can be done! A google around might turn up some answers to do with the compatability of your phone. All the oneas I've tried with BT have.