05 January, 2010

My daughter..

Just wanted to let the world know that my first born, Myar Jane Arnold, arrived this snowy morning in Worcester. She was 9 lbs 13 oz .. she is beautiful!

Also the geek in me went out immediately and registered www.myararnold.com and secured her email address at google.. Twitter?? of course..

Why? Personal brand! Myar has just entered the world and its her future..

Why Myar? Myar is an anagram of Mary. Both Becky and myself had grandma's called Mary. Beckys nanna passed in June just after Becky told me that she was expecting. My Nan passed a few months later. We believe it's a fitting way to pay tribute to our mothers mothers.. However, neither of us wanted to call our first daughter Mary. So it had to be an anagram.

Why not Myra?? I don't think its fair to call our daughter after one of the Moors Murderers.Why not Mayr? or Ryam? or Raym? In all honesty, only Myra and Mary was found at behindthename.com , and Mya was close. Mya is a variant of Mia , and we just added an R to the end. In fact,  we will still pronounce it My-uh

Anyway, keep your eyes and ears out for more of what Myar is getting up to..